Is Adaptability The Key to Engagement at Work?

Is Adaptability The Key to Engagement at Work? Interviews have been scarce this week due to my son being sick and me having to reschedule. It doesn’t mean I haven’t been thinking or reading about engagement, and what makes us love to work when I’ve found a spare moment. Disengagement at Work This week a […]

Is Adaptability The Key to Engagement at Work?

Freelancing Should Be Available to All

Freelancing is a Lifestyle Choice Freelancing isn’t for everyone, but it should be an option for everyone. Working from home, your local coffee shop, or co-working space, fitting work around being a stay at home parent or carer, or managing your career on your terms. Whatever your reason for working non-traditional hours, you’ve chosen a […]

Freelancing Should Never Feel Off Limits

When you’re vulnerable, you access the depths of you. You find the pieces of you that truly drive you. You see the path to a happier life. What is vulnerability? Vulnerability means opening your heart to someone or something. It means showing a part of yourself that makes you feel uncomfortable and raw. It means […]

Why we must be vulnerable

Recently, we’ve been thinking about what makes someone passionate and how those passions serve us in life. We’ve seen people whom go after things that they, at one point in their lives, believed they couldn’t do, weren’t capable of doing or, didn’t even know existed. Now, these people have successful businesses or hobbies in topics […]

5 Ways to Find Your Passions

We spend around a third of our lives working. If you add in overtime, travel to and from work, and time spent away from work, but thinking about it, we spend a huge portion of our lives connected to the workplace. What we do at work doesn’t stay there either. The interactions we have every […]

Why employees need mental health support

Having a family is one of the most enjoyable life experiences a person can have. It is also one of the most stressful. Adapting to having a new, all demanding little person with you every hour of every day is incredibly exhausting (and that’s without factoring in the sleepless nights!). Couple that with erratic hormones […]

Maternity, Paternity, and Return to Work Support: Comparing the UK and USA