Helping you to engage the people within, and working with, your business. 

With an in-depth knowledge of psychology, employee engagement, and people in business, I'm often asked to write blogs, narratives, and articles for psychology practices and HR firms to help drive their messages.

I thoroughly research and edit every post to reflect the style and content needs of our clients. Past clients include:

Association of Business Psychologists
Madison Performance Group
People Insight
Reward Gateway
The Journal of Internal Communication

Writing For Impact

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An E-learning consultancy with over 250 clients came to me with a unique problem. They were experts in creating e-learning training modules, but they needed to develop a module for managers about how to engage their employees. They knew they needed someone who could communicate clearly and compassionately, but that also knew about employee engagement.

I created content for a 16-step e-learning module which the client then built into an exciting visual piece for managers to learn about employee engagement.

The module is now available for purchase by businesses all over the world.


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A US-based IT consultancy came to me after finding that their manufacturing client had an issue with developing their employees. As an IT consultancy, they could help with their areas of expertise, but they needed some insight from someone with more in-depth employee knowledge.

To help them to understand better the skills they needed to develop in-house, I built competency frameworks and job descriptions showing the skills required for each job role. They used these to compare against the capabilities already in-house and what they needed to develop through training.

The company successfully used this knowledge to up-skill their employees and drive their business forward.

Building Competencies

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A world-leading business psychology firm asked for my support to roll out a large-scale development program for a global facilities management organization. I was a vital member of a small team of business psychologists designing and implementing a rigorous assessment and development tool.

The client’s customer left the engagement with knowledge of the current development needs of 1000+ employees. They also gained a psychologically thorough and bespoke tool to implement more widely across their business to support the development needs of more than 64,000 employees.

Developing Talent

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A Dutch manufacturing company was embarking on a major restructure. The UK based consultancy supporting them through their change program asked for my support to help new managers understand and take action on their 360 feedback profiles.

I applied the consultancy’s well-established coaching model and psychometric test results to have transparent and facilitated conversations with managers.

The one-hour one-on-one coaching sessions gave managers space to consider their management style and discuss ways they could develop to support the company and their teams through the change.

Coaching to Change

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