Who's in Your Love to Work Clan?

Who’s in your love to work clan? As a writer, I’m always hearing the importance of finding an impartial editor that doesn’t know me or my work. There’s a belief that you should gain feedback from someone who can pass an unbiased perspective on your writing. The reason for this is that people who know […]

Who’s in Your ‘Love to Work’ Clan?

How do you strike a balance between work and home life?

How do you strike a balance between work and home life? Over the holidays, I surprised myself by realizing how engrossed I’ve been in my work, and how little attention I was paying to my need for balance between my work and home life – some down-time. By down-time, I don’t mean the time I […]

How do you Balance Work and Home Life?

Can Only High Achievers Love to Work?

Can Only High Achievers Love to Work? Yes. But not in the way that you might think. Your achievement is personal to you Loving your work doesn’t mean plowing everything into your job at the expense of anything else in your life. People who love to work have found the balance that works for them […]

Can Only High Achievers Love to Work?

Power of connecting and reconnecting

The Spectacular Power of Connecting and Reconnecting Over the last six months, I’ve been working with a fabulous coach called Wendy Kendall. Wendy designed a program called ‘The Psychology Practice Accelerator (TPPA).’ The program aims to support psychologists to build successful, fulfilling, and meaningful psychology practices from all streams of psychology. The format of the course is […]

The Spectacular Power of Connecting and Reconnecting

Take yourself on a journey of self discovery

Take yourself on a journey of self-discovery When I hear people talk about disliking their job, they often follow it up by explaining they’ve searched job boards for ideas of other career paths. Or, they’ve spoken to people around them about what they should do, and they’ve come up against roadblock after roadblock. They find […]

Take Yourself on a Journey of Self-Discovery

Is Adaptability The Key to Engagement at Work?

Is Adaptability The Key to Engagement at Work? Interviews have been scarce this week due to my son being sick and me having to reschedule. It doesn’t mean I haven’t been thinking or reading about engagement, and what makes us love to work when I’ve found a spare moment. Disengagement at Work This week a […]

Is Adaptability The Key to Engagement at Work?

Why Work Should Feel Like Raising Children

Why Work Should Feel Like Raising Children Child-rearing has to be the most challenging yet fulfilling job I’ve ever had. I’m learning patience I didn’t know I had daily. Since my son seems to pick up every virus under the sun, I’m on a rollercoaster of worry about his health. And I get lost in […]

Why Work Should Feel Like Raising Children

Find work you love

Using feedback to find work you love I had an exciting discussion about feedback with yesterday’s interviewee. When I’ve thought about feedback in the past, I’ve believed I should collate that feedback into something that I should apply to every interaction I have. I have believed that any feedback is directly aimed at how I […]

Can Feedback Help You To Find Work You Love?

The #LoveToWork Podcast is coming!

The #LoveToWork Podcast is Coming! The research into why people love to work has surfaced fascinating stories and actionable takeaways that I believe we can all learn from and enjoy. There are hiccups, mishaps, determined minds, and moments of pure joy in every journey. Finding work you love takes commitment and drive, and these people […]

The First #LoveToWork Podcast Was Recorded Today!

What the Perfect Job Really Looks Like

What’s a perfect job? It sounds like the ideal scenario. You get up every day excited by the prospect of going to work. No more ‘blue Mondays,’ no more dreading work on a Sunday evening wishing you’d spent the weekend searching for a new job instead of out partying trying to forget about your current […]

What the Perfect Job Really Looks Like

Your job does not define you; your career might.

There are always choices The more interviews I conduct, the more I’m learning. One of the big takeaways from this week’s analysis is that when people describe their jobs, they are actually describing themselves and how they have adapted to that role. Within every role that someone does, there are parts they enjoy and parts […]

Your Job Does Not Define You; Your Career Might

The Perils of Doing What You Love

Do you have to love your workplace to love your craft? Even when you love your craft, you can end up in workplaces that give you a rough time. Is it worth it? One of my interviewees this week thinks it is… until it’s not. Sometimes, it’s worth putting up with a difficult workplace situation, […]

The Perils of Doing What You Love

Do Just One Thing

Something will always hold you back if you let it As a child, we have activities that we love to do, but as adults, responsibilities get in the way and stop us from doing what we love. But, mapping careers that we love doesn’t have to happen straight out of school. Often, we need to […]

Do Just One Thing… *Love to Work*

Live to Work?

‘Work to Live’ or ‘Live to Work?’ There seem to be three camps when it comes to perspectives on the ‘Work to Live’ or ‘Live to Work’ debate.  Work should be enjoyable, and the financial aspect is an afterthought Work should be about making money to provide for ourselves and our families Work should include […]

Do you ‘Work to Live’ or ‘Live to Work?’

Love to Work

Red Ponder is introducing ‘Love to Work!’ I’m embarking on a brand new venture. In my line of work, I hear a lot about people who dislike their jobs, or feel stuck in their careers. They want to try something new but don’t know where to start. We don’t all hate our jobs! But, I […]

Introducing ‘Love to Work!’

Freelancing Should Be Available to All

Freelancing is a Lifestyle Choice Freelancing isn’t for everyone, but it should be an option for everyone. Working from home, your local coffee shop, or co-working space, fitting work around being a stay at home parent or carer, or managing your career on your terms. Whatever your reason for working non-traditional hours, you’ve chosen a […]

Freelancing Should Never Feel Off Limits

Poor communication

You may think your audience hears one thing, but are they interpreting your words in a completely different way? The words you choose to use in communication is vital to the message your audience receives.   Your Choice of Words Impacts Understanding I recently heard about a communication between a parent and their daughter’s speech […]

Is Your Communication Toxic to Your Audience?

We’re talking in depth about Employee Experience on our You Tube channel today. Head over to find out more!  

What is Employee Experience? (And how to implement it)

On the picket lines, come rain or shine; the Stop & Shop workers weren’t backing down, and late Sunday night they won their fight. Eleven days ago, Stop & Shop employees in Connecticut, Massachusetts and Rhode Island, downed tools and put their rights ahead of the money in their pockets. How do Strikes Work? Stop […]

Stop and Shop Needs to Nurture Its People To Remain Competitive

Employee Experience has exploded onto the HR scene over the last year or two, but because of its newness in its current guise, there has been very little explanation about what it is or how to implement it. Last week we were featured on the IOffice blog discussing the difference between these two essential concepts: […]

What’s The Difference Between Employee Experience and Employee Engagement?

Recently, we’ve been thinking about what makes someone passionate and how those passions serve us in life. We’ve seen people whom go after things that they, at one point in their lives, believed they couldn’t do, weren’t capable of doing or, didn’t even know existed. Now, these people have successful businesses or hobbies in topics […]

5 Ways to Find Your Passions

We spend around a third of our lives working. If you add in overtime, travel to and from work, and time spent away from work, but thinking about it, we spend a huge portion of our lives connected to the workplace. What we do at work doesn’t stay there either. The interactions we have every […]

Why employees need mental health support

Over the last year or two, the concept of Employee Experience has become more and more prevalent in the HR world. It is changing the way people view the HR function, and replacing the well-used and researched psychological construct, Employee Engagement, as the next big thing. However, despite its popularity in business, I am yet […]

Is Employee Experience the Latest HR Fad?

Having a family is one of the most enjoyable life experiences a person can have. It is also one of the most stressful. Adapting to having a new, all demanding little person with you every hour of every day is incredibly exhausting (and that’s without factoring in the sleepless nights!). Couple that with erratic hormones […]

Maternity, Paternity, and Return to Work Support: Comparing the UK and USA

Spend time in any business setting and you’ll hear a plethora of industry-focused terminology — ‘corporate synergy’, ‘disruptive technology’ or ‘organizational culture’ are just a few specks that contribute to the dust mountain that is business jargon. Look to the HR or work psychology world and one of the hot business phrases thrown around organizations today is […]

Should We Stop Trying to ‘Engage’ Employees?