The human mind fascinates me. What people do day-to-day is predictable and yet wholly unpredictable both at the same time. I wanted to learn more. Armed with a Bachelor of Science in Computing and Accountancy, and a few years into working in banking in Central London, I decided to go back to school. I wanted to dig deeper into the human psyche and particularly, why people do what they do in a place we spend so much of our lives, work. What started as a part-time class in the basics of psychology, resulted in a new passion and a Master of Science in Occupational (Organizational) Psychology.

I became an organizational change consultant and worked with numerous multinational firms and clients across Europe before I founded and developed Red Ponder. After a move to the US East Coast, I held a role as Director of Employee Engagement, building out the employee engagement arm of a branding firm in NYC before having my son and returning to running Red Ponder full time.

Outside of work, I love reading and discussions about psychology and human behavior, and I like to discuss new ideas (and old ones) with my Twitter community. I also love to write fiction and non-fiction short stories when inspiration strikes! Exercise is an essential part of my life because, with running a business and looking after my son, it keeps me sane! I run, hit the gym and when I can find time to escape to a mountain, ski.

About me, Rebecca Longman

I, like you, believe all people should feel engaged in their everyday lives. I work with you to help you to deliver the messages, and create the strategies, that allow you to deliver on that promise. 

Our Mission


Red: It stirs feelings of love, passion, and creativity - factors that make an inspirational foundation for any business.
Ponder: What I do at Red Ponder. I spend time truly understanding and connecting with your business. 

Together, 'Red Ponder' sounds very much like 'responder' which is what I can help you do with the people that matter most to your business. 

Why Red Ponder?