Who’s in Your ‘Love to Work’ Clan?

Who’s in your love to work clan?

As a writer, I’m always hearing the importance of finding an impartial editor that doesn’t know me or my work. There’s a belief that you should gain feedback from someone who can pass an unbiased perspective on your writing. The reason for this is that people who know and love you aren’t going to give you the harsh feedback that you may need to create your best work.

While I agree that harsh feedback is necessary if you want to push your boundaries, feedback, support, and nurturing from those who care about you, especially when it comes to building a career that you love, is also vital. Although, even when people care about you, they may not always support your choices. That’s why you need to…

Find your clan

Building a career that brings you joy takes time, determination, self-exploration, and often some sacrifice. None of these are easy to take on if you’re walking the path alone. They are even less easy to tackle if you’re receiving negative feedback from the people around you. You see, if you get harsh criticism from the outset of any new endeavor, human nature tells you to avoid that feedback in the future. As a result, you tend to stop trying. Unless, of course, you have someone to catch you when you fall and who helps you to muster the confidence to try again.

There are some people out there who appear to pick themselves back up after a fall and keep going, but I’d bet my bottom dollar that they have support from a person who loves them somewhere within reach.

Building a network of people around you who believe in you – whether a professional network or a personal one – can give you the confidence to try new things when you feel like the career you’re in isn’t working for you. You may need to seek those people out, or they may be hiding in the wings. Your job is to find those people who share your passion for changing your life. Those people could be:

  • Family members
  • Close friends
  • Acquaintances
  • Mentors
  • Professional coaches
  • Managers
  • Role models from the media

They are anyone who has your back to help you to make the changes that you need to make to find a career that you love.

Nurture your love to work clan

When you recognize the people who support you, energize you, want the best for you, and are there to catch you when the going gets tough, you need to nurture those relationships. Those people will only continue to be there for you if you’re there for them too. Ensure you find ways to recognize what they need from you so that your relationships stay topped up and ready for you to draw on those resources whenever the going gets tough.

These people can be the difference between you staying stuck in a place that doesn’t bring you joy and building a career that reflects the true you.

Want to take part in Love to Work?

If you’d like to be interviewed for my upcoming book or be a guest on the ‘Love to Work’ podcast, please reach out to me at rlongman@redponder.com. You can read more about the Love to Work projects at: www.lovetowrk.com

Love to Work!




Who’s in Your ‘Love to Work’ Clan?

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