How do you Balance Work and Home Life?

How do you strike a balance between work and home life?

Over the holidays, I surprised myself by realizing how engrossed I’ve been in my work, and how little attention I was paying to my need for balance between my work and home life – some down-time. By down-time, I don’t mean the time I spend looking after my kids, or the time running errands and cleaning the house. I mean time spent doing something that has no end goal. Something that has no deadline or that doesn’t require me to perform in a certain way to meet the needs of others. I mean pure relaxation. 

Maybe that could be doing a hobby that doesn’t require me to achieve a particular standard. Or, just ‘being’ with family or friends – laughing and putting the world to rights. By pure relaxation, I mean doing something that is only about being present in the moment. Something that once it’s over you feel topped up not drained or feeling there’s more you need to do to reach your goal. 

I realized I don’t strike a balance between work and home life nearly enough.

Simple things can have a great impact

One evening over the holidays, my family and I played a board game. It’s been months since I played a board game. I forgot how much the creativity of a simple game helps me to switch off from all of the hectic schedules and demands that come with running a small business and raising (and currently growing a new addition to) our young family. That escapism, in such a hectic life, has kept popping back into my head. It’s made me realize its importance to my well-being – and yours.

How do you truly relax?

Recognizing my habit for doing and seeking out activities that make me feel I’m accomplishing things rather than just living in the moment is something I’ve also seen in many of my interviewees. However, I don’t often ask them about their down-time activities, or how I like to term them, resilience boosting activities that keep them plowing forward with their work.

Because, even if you love to work, all work and no play can make for a very dull existence…

So, I’m curious. Whether alone or with others, what do you do, and how often do you take time out just to be? 

How do you strike a balance between work and home life?

What activities help you to switch off and, who do you choose to do these activities with? 

I’m asking for a friend… 😉

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How do you Balance Work and Home Life?

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