The First #LoveToWork Podcast Was Recorded Today!

The #LoveToWork Podcast is Coming!

The research into why people love to work has surfaced fascinating stories and actionable takeaways that I believe we can all learn from and enjoy. There are hiccups, mishaps, determined minds, and moments of pure joy in every journey. Finding work you love takes commitment and drive, and these people bring it in spades.

Airing in early January, the brand new #LoveToWork podcast will bring these fascinating stories and usable insights straight to you! Each under 30-minute episode will be an exploration into why our guest loves to work, and they will share their tips for how you can also find work you love. I can’t wait to share their stories!

In the meantime, I’ll still be sharing updates from the research and the podcast content here, so keep checking back for new info!

“Winning a High Stakes Game.”

Today’s round of interviews brought discussions around how people who love to work, find their version of a ‘high stakes game.’ When you’re winning at something you care about, whether that’s developing yourself, developing others, growing your business, or excelling in your work role, to name only a few, you’re winning at your chosen ‘high stakes game.’

The analogy shows that if there’s something you love to do, and you can feel that something gaining momentum, the feeling of winning is akin to receiving the top prize in a major league sports game. If you lose, not only have you lost the game, but everything you’ve invested thus far feels worthless. Of course, this is never true; you can always learn from what you put into something even if you lose out. But, the thrill of winning something in which you’ve invested highly brings such a thrill that it’s worth the chase.

What’s your high stakes game? 

If you’re someone who loves your work, or you know someone else who does, check out the Red Ponder #LoveToWork projects and let me know if you’d like to take part! I’d love to hear from you!

Love to Work!




The First #LoveToWork Podcast Was Recorded Today!

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