What the Perfect Job Really Looks Like

What’s a perfect job?

It sounds like the ideal scenario. You get up every day excited by the prospect of going to work. No more ‘blue Mondays,’ no more dreading work on a Sunday evening wishing you’d spent the weekend searching for a new job instead of out partying trying to forget about your current one. 

What’s it like to have a career where you:

  • Want to go the extra mile to please your co-workers, your boss, or your customers.
  • Want to go home at the end of a busy day and spend your evenings reading and learning more about your chosen field
  • Pay for conferences out of your own pocket because you want to meet like-minded people who work in your industry
  • Have the desire to create innovations in your field to help progress your cause
  • Love to teach others about your work so they can feel the same passion that you feel for your work

These jobs exist, and they exist for people of all ages in all fields, and all industries.

Love to work? Glutton for Punishment!

When you speak to people who love what they do, it doesn’t seem to come down to the actual work you do per se, it comes down to finding a topic that interests you, either for the topic itself or for the intrinsic benefits that type of job gives you.

Often the people who love their work have trampled through a path full of stinging nettles along their journey, and they predict to find many more weeds in their future. The difficulties, obstacles, and unwanted scenarios don’t discourage them; they spur them on to fight further to do the work that brings them intrinsic joy.

The perfect job doesn’t mean no more suffering

I can’t think of one thing worth having that doesn’t come with work. If you have kids, you know that they bring oodles of love and pleasure, but my goodness do they come with their fair share of work. When you have a pet, you have to clean up after that pet. If you want to hone a skill or hobby, you have to work at it.

The same goes for a career you love. Every person I’ve interviewed so far has been through their share of education (whether formal and academic, or apprenticeships, or online training in their spare time, or seeking out mentors from their network (that they’ve worked to establish.) No-one has had anything they love to do handed to them without them first putting in the hours to live their version of a dream job. They have worked and sacrificed and continue to do so.

Doing what you love isn’t stumbling on a topic, and it consistently giving you joy; it’s a lifelong labor of love that involves grit, determination, and perseverance, but in an area that lights your internal fires.

If you’re someone who loves your work, or you know someone else who does, check out the Red Ponder #LoveToWork projects and let me know if you’d like to take part! I’d love to hear from you!

Love to Work!




What the Perfect Job Really Looks Like

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