Your Job Does Not Define You; Your Career Might

There are always choices

The more interviews I conduct, the more I’m learning. One of the big takeaways from this week’s analysis is that when people describe their jobs, they are actually describing themselves and how they have adapted to that role. Within every role that someone does, there are parts they enjoy and parts they don’t enjoy. No job (or career) is perfect. But, these people see things differently.

Those that love what they do:

  • Make considered choices throughout that job role and their wider careers to shape the bits they like least to become less prominent.
  • Make the bits they love, and where they can shine, more salient.
  • Make conscious ongoing decisions to better understand themselves, their passions, their family needs, their skill-sets, their flaws, and their networks to create careers that better suit their uniqueness.
  • Don’t let the grass grow.
  • Know what they want, and they discover ways to find it, create it, or mold their current situation to meet their needs.
  • Take chances.
  • Make mistakes, but keep learning from those mistakes.
  • Never stand still, and never let apathy seep in.
  • Are continually learning whether it’s from their peers, training programs, mentors, or society; they seek knowledge.
  • Absorb this knowledge both inside and outside of their current roles. I guess they are ‘always on,’ yet they recognize when to switch off.
  • Look to others for guidance, but carefully choose which direction to take. They consider what that person can teach them, and if that advice will help them towards their goals.
  • Aren’t blinkered. They know that people who challenge their beliefs are as worthy as those who agree with them.
  • Are hungry. They see the table laid out, and they aren’t afraid to take their slice of the pie before it’s gobbled up.


There’s More Than One Path, But You Have To Map It

The job you have right now doesn’t have to define you. You can take from that role whatever elements give you energy, and look for more of those opportunities around your organization, or through your wider networks. You can shape the career you want, one day at a time. But, it takes commitment, drive, ownership, and a whole lotta love.

If you’re someone who loves your work, or you know someone else who does, check out the Red Ponder #LoveToWork projects and let me know if you’d like to take part! I’d love to hear from you!


Love to Work!




Your Job Does Not Define You; Your Career Might

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