Do Just One Thing… *Love to Work*

Something will always hold you back if you let it

As a child, we have activities that we love to do, but as adults, responsibilities get in the way and stop us from doing what we love. But, mapping careers that we love doesn’t have to happen straight out of school. Often, we need to sacrifice what we want to do for what we need to do at that time. The key to staying motivated about the things that excite and delight us is that we must

‘Keep the fires burning.’

This was a wonderful phrase used by one of my interviewees this week. Whatever your age or work situation, there can be obstacles to pursuing the career you want:

  • Perhaps you’re the eldest child of a large family, and you’re expected to supplement the family income from an early age
  • Maybe you have to pay for extra education to get onto the career path that interests you
  • You may have to put your desires on hold because of illness
  • Maybe you’re subject to discrimination that’s keeping the gates closed along the path you want to take
  • Your time may be limited due to caring for a young family or elderly parents

There is no time like the present

The thing to always remember is to never, never, never give up. If you do just one thing every week that helps you towards achieving your goal, you will keep that dream alive. And, when the things that are holding you back let you by, you will be able to pursue your dreams with vigor.

This is one of the many points of wisdom I’m gaining from interviewing people who love their jobs. In time, as I work through my research, continue writing up the book, and get some ‘Love to Work’ podcasts live, I will share further insights into how and why these concepts work and tips and tricks for how you can work with these ideas. In the meantime, use the wisdom from my interviewee:

Keep the fires burning

Do just one thing towards your dream. Don’t let the fire go out.  

Love to Work!




Do Just One Thing… *Love to Work*

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