5 Ways to Find Your Passions

Recently, we’ve been thinking about what makes someone passionate and how those passions serve us in life. We’ve seen people whom go after things that they, at one point in their lives, believed they couldn’t do, weren’t capable of doing or, didn’t even know existed. Now, these people have successful businesses or hobbies in topics they love, and they are continually developing their passions every day.

This article — The Truth About Finding a Satisfying Career – discusses the importance of having an open mindset to finding what we’re passionate about. If we believe we can develop passions rather than needing to awake them within us, we can develop more passions and, consequently, have more positive lives. These are our five ideas to help you to find your passions:

Believe that something can come from nothing.

You may not be aware that a passion is a passion until you experience it on numerous occasions. Passions have a funny way of creeping up on us when we least expect it. Don’t put pressure on yourself to find that one thing that you’re meant to do; life is fluid and changeable and you never know when a spark will ignite in you.

Be open to trying new things.

Don’t stick to what you know; explore new things and new places, try new foods and drinks, and find places to meet new people. Take yourself away from your normal life. If you open yourself up to diversity, anything could trigger a new desire in you.

Be open in all situations.

Even when you think you’re in the most boring place and nothing interesting will come of the day, be open. Look around you and let your mind wander wherever it pleases. People often advise writers to free write; let your mind do the same. Try some ‘free thinking’ and see what crops up in the places you least expect.

Use what you have or know.

There are so many different paths open to us in our lives every single day. Some of what happens in life is out of your control, but you also made choices that got you to where you are now. Even if you ended up somewhere because of necessity, there’s a reason you chose that path over the other fork in the road. The question is, what made you choose that way? Dig into those things; those choices are indicators as to what drives you, and they may help you to discover more of your passions.

Be prepared to put in some work.

It’s unlikely that your passions will appear to you in a dream one day. Passion often arises when there is a conflict or need, and the unknown passion becomes the solution to that problem.

For example, you may be struggling to find a hat you want to buy for your daughter this winter, but you’ve found a material that you love, so you decide to try your hand at knitting one yourself. Before you know it, you’re learning to knit and a passion develops.
Perhaps no one listens to you at work, so you decide to write down your issues. Next thing you know you’re writing things down on a regular basis and enjoying it.

Concluding thoughts.

Passions come in all shapes and sizes, and we can have many or few. These passions can arise when we least expect, and they often require effort to develop and learn.

Wherever you are and whatever you’re doing, be open to learning about what drives you; it may just surprise you!

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5 Ways to Find Your Passions

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